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One of the worst things about having to deal with Alucard is his prowess to get on my nerves. Especially when he uses that girly appearence that he has.

In a particular ocasion, me, him and Master Hellsing were talking about those private parties of the nobility, since sometimes we had to meet some of them, the Queen too… So then, Master started to make fun of me, because I didn’t dance (actually, at that time, I really haven’t learned it).

To make everything even worse, Alucard decided to teach me to do it. “It’s a shame a british gentleman who doesn’t dance!”, he said. Master didn’t help either. So the vampire changed his appearence and became a little girl, so it could be easier for me to learn properly. Surely it would be really weird if that tall male vampire
taught me.

It was
disastrous! I couldn’t even look to him/her/I don’t know. That form is… Strange! Makes me nervous. And… Alucard… Well…

In the end, I begged to Master to practice with someone else
and I swore to do my best to not need to do that again. Yeah, I’ve learned it, wanting it or not… At least I had made Master laugh on that day.

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